Is Art Brew selling out?………

Actually no, Art Brew is selling its brewing equipment. And slowing production for a while. This blog is about why, and what we’re going to do next.

We’ll be honest – over the years we’ve made some duff decisions that have led to debts that have inexorably led to this announcement. No-one else is to blame. Some mistakes have been avoidable, others less so.

In a nutshell, our biggest mistake was location. We set the brewery up a 30 min commute away from home in a county we discovered too late didn’t want to buy our beer very much. And Becky doesn’t drive. We’d moved there to be close to family and after many years in the beer business running specialist real ale pubs, mistakenly believed that local sales would be a big part of our business. Not so in rural Dorset. Faced with this in the early months, we had to decide whether to give up straight away or find another way. We decided to find another way, and that was to take the beer to where it was wanted (London, Reading, Birmingham, Cambridge etc). This meant yet more long hours for John behind the wheel leaving Becky at home with the kids and not brewing. Yup, we know, should have seen that coming.

Then our youngest became ill, and has stayed that way a lot of the time. Not life threatening by the way, but looking increasingly like she needs more time at home with us to flourish.

But here’s the thing – we bloody love our job. And are massively proud of our beers. We’re not giving up AND we have a plan. A cunning plan.

Once debts are paid, wounds are licked, and perhaps some days off have happened, our dream (which is actually looking possible bizarrely – not able to explain this at the mo, but just believe us!) is to open a downsized brewery, brewery tap and bottle shop on site of our own campsite somewhere in East Devon or South Somerset. We’d also live there meaning we can juggle work, kids and the extra needs of our youngest without having to constantly cope with all the expensive time wasting commute and weekly long distance deliveries. We’d continue to supply all our present customers (if you still wanted us!?) but it would happen less frequently.

So, when most breweries are expanding and opening sexy bars in city centres, we’re (hopefully) downsizing and opening a brewery tap and campsite in Devon or Somerset. THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!

There’s going to be a limbo phase as obviously this will take time. We’re going to pursue any opportunities to cuckoo brew, so for those of you who have been so supportive either by stocking our beers or drinking them, our hope is that, though stock will be limited, we’ll never completely stop production and you’ll still be able to get hold of our goodies.

Lastly, WOW, just WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. We’ve been blown away over the years by the support and incredible stuff you guys have written and spoken about us. We honestly set up to be a local brewery, ticking over, making enough for our little family. When that couldn’t happen, we accidentally got known (albeit in a tiny way) nationally. It’s been the most extraordinary time of our lives. We’ve both found our perfect job, and with our perfect working partner. You all helped with that. Even if this all falls through, what an incredible ride it’s been. Honestly, it’s been humbling and unforgettable. Thanks – massively.

Oh, by the way, if you want to buy our rather good kit, email us on or go here