Just what have Art Brew been up to of late I hear you ask? (well maybe you aren’t asking, but I’m going to tell you anyway).

As it happens there has been quite a lot going on. We sold our old kit to a bloke called Vic. He’s a good guy and has set up as “The Cerne Abbas Brewery”. We’re actively looking around for a site to set up our new venture and although we’ve seen quite a few good-uns, we’ve not found the perfect place yet. As exciting as hunting for an amazing spot to set up home, brewery, taphouse and campsite is, it not only doesn’t need both of us doing it, it also doesn’t pay the bills. So I needed to find a job.


(this is Vic on our old kit!)

Thanks to an amazing amount of twitter help directing people to my job advert and a good word put in by Tom of Celt Experience Brewery, I found one brewing for the Great Yorkshire Brewery (formerly The Cropton Brewery) in Cropton.


The team in Yorkshire are really looking after me and it’s great that I’m still brewing in this interim phase. There’s always new things to learn in brewing and since I’ve been there I’ve learnt a lot and hopefully they’ve learnt some things from me too. So far I’ve just been brewing to their recipes, but they’re keen for me to do one of my style of beers for them as soon as it can be squeezed into the hectic brew schedule, so watch this space.

As for Art Brew beers, Becky will be brewing some over on Sherfield Village Brewery’s kit in the coming months, so there will be a limited supply mainly in the South East to watch out for.

All in all things are pretty good and the future is looking rosy.

Love and biscuits

John xx